How well do you know Fantasy Life (3DS)

There are lots of games out there and a lot of quizzes on them. But how about something out of the ordinary... Fantasy Life. That's right! The game that came out in Japan 2 years before the US.

Are you the one who knows how to Fantasy Life or are you the one that doesn't eve know how to press the A Button. Who knows?!?!?!?!? One click of the button can make you find out!!!!!!!!

Created by: Ian Lawson
  1. What city do you start in?
  2. What is the ruler of the 2nd city?
  3. Why is King Eric a midget?!?!?!?
  4. How many lives are there?
  5. what is the first hard boss you can fight in the game.
  6. What is the first skill you learn in the game?
  7. Who is that one person that thinks he is the one to defeat the dark lord but always wimps out?
  8. How many Element Wraiths are in the game without Origin Islands?
  9. What is the most powerful class in Fantasy Life?
  10. Who is Yuelia and Noelia's Father's name?
  11. How many crystalized mana are there without Origin Island?
  12. How many Dragons are there (includes baby dragons)?
  13. Did you like this quiz(doesn't affect the quiz)?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Fantasy Life (3DS)