What is your fantasy name

Have you ever wondered what you would be in a fantasy book? Do you often wish you could be someone else. Tada here's a quizz that tells you who you are in you fantasy.

If you like Twighlight I don't recommend this quiz. The characters in this quiz (and there names) are mine. I use aeolanyira as my user name for lots of the online games I play.

Created by: Wind
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your weapon of choice:
  2. Your favorite color
  3. Your favorite book
  4. You are on an island (cliché I know) what do bring with you?
  5. Fav female character out of these.
  6. Your least favorite book
  7. Your favorite animal
  8. You are afraid of
  9. Some one tries to kill you what is your reaction
  10. You are most likely to be found

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Quiz topic: What is my fantasy name