Is your epic fantasy novel cliched?

Some people think they can write fantasy books, but little do they know most fantasy books are cliched!!!! Take this quiz to find out if your book is cliched.

Are you going to be the next Tolkien? We'll see about that. Take this quiz to find out if your fantasy novel has the potential to be an original work of art.

Created by: Elizabeth
  1. What land or culture is your fantasy world based off of?
  2. What type of land is it most like?
  3. Does everyone in your land speak the same language?
  4. Are most or all of the people in your land Caucasian, although you have areas the equivalent of the Sahara Desert?
  5. Are all or most of your main characters Caucasian/white?
  6. Is your main character a boy?
  7. You knew I'd ask this: Is your main character white?
  8. If your main character is a girl, is she rebellious, "tough", and spunky?
  9. What is the general group of fantasy creatures to be found in your world?
  10. How many non-humans are in your quest squad or group of main characters?
  11. Which of these lovely archetypes are included in your group?
  12. Which of these magical creatures is in your group?
  13. Who's your villain?
  14. If your villain is a girl, what is she?
  15. What serves as your villain's H.Q.?
  16. Is your villain ugly?
  17. What are your villain's minions?
  18. What is your villain's main carbohydrate?
  19. Be honest, is your villain insane? At the core of his issues, is it the fact that he/she's mentally unbalanced?
  20. What color are your villain's eyes?
  21. Does your hero have a magic sword?
  22. Is there a Great Prophecy in your novel?
  23. Is your main character the heir to the throne?
  24. Is your main character a wizard, spell caster, or anything else magical?
  25. Does he turn out to be "the most powerful wizard" ever?
  26. Are all your wizards old and bearded?
  27. Is there some sort of wizard academy your hero attends?
  28. Does your hero have a wise wizard/sage/former dragonrider/etc for a mentor?
  29. Are there dragonriders in your book?
  30. Is there excessive info-dumping?
  31. What is the main instrument your wizard uses to project or enhance their powers?
  32. Does your main character have a faithful animal?
  33. Is your book about a quest for:
  34. What's the main element in your fantasy story?

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Quiz topic: Is my epic fantasy novel cliched?