How original or unoriginal is your epic fantasy book?

There are many fantasy writers, but few can actually write original fantasy. Take this exam to see how you're doing with the cliched fantasy area!!!!!!!

Are you wanting to be the next great Tolkien or Rowling? Take this quiz to find out if your fantasy novel is original or unoriginal!!! Let's see if you're a genius.

Created by: Lizzy
  1. What society is your land based off of?
  2. Your main villain is a(n):
  3. If your villain is a female, is she:
  4. Does your main character have a magical sword?
  5. What is the general group of creatures to be found in your realm?
  6. Is your villain's H.Q:
  7. Is your main character?
  8. Is your main character an orphan?
  9. Are both of your main character's parents still alive?
  10. Is there a Great Prophecy in your novel?
  11. Is your book about a quest for:
  12. Does your villain have an evil monster?
  13. If yes, what type of monster?
  14. Does your villain's name start with a Z, X, J, S, or M?
  15. On your sinister lands, are there places with names like "River of Fear", "Doom Canyon", "Mountain of Death", "Shadow Forest", or "Desert of Destruction"?
  16. What does your villain's laugh sound like?
  17. What is your villain's main carbohydrate?
  18. Are there more than 3 non-humans in your quest group?
  19. Here's a your main character something other than a human?
  20. Are there dragons in your book?
  21. Is your epic fantasy novel mostly:
  22. Is there technology in your novel?
  23. At any point in your novel, is a "deus ex machina" used?
  24. Does your villain have a wife/girlfriend/daughter that falls for the hero and helps them escape?
  25. Which of these is part of your quest squad?
  26. Does your main character have a sage/wizard/master swordsman/former dragonrider for a mentor?
  27. Are all your powerful good wizards old, bearded, or carry staffs?
  28. Do your horses serve as hooved cars that can gallop at full speed for 800 miles and conveniently take your characters wherever they want?
  29. Are there talking animals in your land?
  30. Who serves as the comic relief in your group?
  31. Does everyone in your land speak the same language?
  32. Is your villain:
  33. Be honest! Are all your characters Caucasian based?

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Quiz topic: How original or unoriginal is my epic fantasy book?