How Cliched is your fantasy book?

There are tons of people who think they can write great fantasy...but most of it is cliched and boring. Do you think your's might be cliched? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you a smart fantasy writer? You may think so, but smart fantasy writers don't cliche their stories. Take this quiz to find out how cliched yours is!

Created by: Lizzy

  1. Are there dragons in your book?
  2. What is the general group of fantasy creatures to be found in your book?
  3. Is your main villain
  4. Does your hero have a magical sword?
  5. Are their any wimpy princess or tough tom-boy princesses involved?
  6. Are there any prophecies about The One Who Can Defeat Evil?
  7. Is your main character a poor, ordinary peasant at the beginning?
  8. Is your main character secretly heir to the throne or some powerful wizard?
  9. Is their an old wise sage/wizard/mentor/that trains the hero?
  10. Does everyone in the land speak the same language?
  11. Does your novel consist of a quest to find a magical artifact, treasure, or anything else of value?
  12. Does an Oracle or some other fortune telling, future seeing person show up?
  13. Does your villain actually THINK he's evil?
  14. What civilization is your land based on?

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Quiz topic: How Cliched is my fantasy book?