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  • I like how you completely reversed the results. I put Eragon in and got 0% cliched. When I put "A Song of Ice and Fire" in, I got 96% cliched.

    Are you sure you didn't mean to flip the percentages? Since your thing makes no sense otherwise.

  • I took the quiz for the first time and got 76% cliche. I was like "Wow, none of the others said that!". I took it again, putting down the most cliche answers that I could, and I got 0% cliche. I think that the percentages got flipped somehow or you don't know what cliche means.

  • yeah, I did this straight with my story, and got a high cliche %... then did it again with all the cliche answers- yes, prophecy with no twist, yes Dragon Riders!1!1!, werewolves, everyone speaks the same language- 0%... I think ya done goofed, unless I'm missing something

  • Thank you so much! I'm writing one and this helped a bunch!


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