Who's Your Fantasy Boyfriend?

Everyone has a crush, but do you know what your fantasy crush is really like? And, who is your fantasy crush anyway? What does he do, and what do you want?

You can find out exactly who your fantasy crush is after taking this totally amazing quiz. Answer all our qestions, and get a very accurate result! Thanks!

Created by: Alycia
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You'd love it if your fantasy boyfriend took you:
  2. Your fantasy boyfriend looks good in:
  3. In your dreams, you'd love your boyfriend with a:
  4. When your fantasy boyfriend looks at you, you want to feel
  5. You'd die if your fantasy boyfriend whispered in your ear:
  6. In your fantasy relationship, it is important for you to know that"
  7. Let's add a random thing to this fantasy:
  8. In his fantasies, what are YOU like?
  9. What kind of relationship would you want?
  10. How much does he tell you?

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Quiz topic: Who's my Fantasy Boyfriend?