What fantasy character are you?

There are so many great fantasy settings, so many heroes and characters from literature over the years. and out of all of them did you ever wonder whom you have the most in common with.

Find out which Fantasy character best suits your personality, out of lord of the rings and other notable fantasy worlds, which one best fits with the answer's you give.

Created by: Bill Wilson
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you enjoy cheese.
  2. Do you tend to write short story's?
  3. Do you trust Dragons
  4. Do you like Egg Salad Sandwichs
  5. When buttering bread, do you butter from side to side, or up to down?
  6. You like eating meat
  7. Do you like making Concoctions?
  8. Do you live on a...
  9. Do you believe in the explotation of goats to process cheese?
  10. Are you on a big Quest?

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Quiz topic: What fantasy character am I?