How non-cliche is your epic fantasy novel

There is a tone of great cliched works in fantasy even today, but that doesn't have to be you. Cliches that involve an evil wizard, wearing black - should be avoided like black widows.

"A good writer can take a good plot and make a mediocre/bad book, but a GREAT writer can take a horrible plot and make a BEAUTIFUL book." -Brandon Sanderson on writing... but few of us are great writers, so make an at least decent story. This quiz will tell you how much you should change. It is by no means perfect, but it touches important topics that most new writers miss.

Created by: barad-dur
  1. Is your main plot...
  2. Do you have more than two main characters, who are not in the same party?
  3. Is there a Great Evil? An all powerful, maniacal, black-nailed wizard, hellbent on destroying/conquering the world/kingdom?
  4. Does said villain have any sort of expirable henchmen, who seem to go on forever and are endlessly loyal?
  5. Is the viewpoint character...
  6. Do the curtains close, just as someone is about to have sex?
  7. Do the main characters cuss at all?
  8. Which of the following appear in your novel?
  9. Is the language your characters talk in known as "the common tongue/speech"?
  10. Did you draw a map for yourself with places like "The Barrens", "The Wastelands", "Mountains of Ash", anything " of Doom", etc.?
  11. Did you detail the recent history of your world, preceding your plot?
  12. Is the magic in your world a series of incantations?
  13. Have you considered a pagan magic system?
  14. Is there an order of mages dedicated to teaching others magic?

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Quiz topic: How non-cliche is my epic fantasy novel