How cliche are your supporting characters

Soo...this is a litte quiz to assist you in finding out just how ckiche your secondary characters in your epic fantasy are. okay? Good. Get started now.

Are your supporting characters original, or as cliched as a bad ripoff ? Well? Come find out here in my awesome quiz for people who are wriring a book or novel. And yes, I am purposely loading this with key words for the searxxh engine.

Created by: InspectorJ
  1. Do your support characters...
  2. How many secondary chracters die?
  3. Why are most of the secondary characters there?
  4. Do any secondary characters actually save your main character
  5. Is a secondary character actually your favorite, more than the main character?
  6. Where do most support characters live?
  7. What is your favorite color?
  8. Ha. Anyway... Can your supporting characters fight?
  9. Do you have any support characters there for the sole purpose of dying dramatically?
  10. Having fun?
  11. Do you have an even amount of boy and girl secondary characters?
  12. Does any support character end up being held at gun/knife point and the protaganist has ro give up something in exchangw fod their livea?
  13. Last question.

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