How cliche is your fantasy story?

A fantasy story is something which shouldn't be taken for granted but instead for originality. This quiz is "DESTINED" to "ASSIST YOUR QUEST" of writing a full scale, original Fantasy story.

Cliche is one of the most annoying diseases of writing, I hope this quiz will help you make your story an original pie, in a few minutes or so you'll find out if your story is destined with the prophecy of good-ance.

Created by: Michael
  1. Does your hero go on an adventure?
  2. If so, why?
  3. Who is your main character's love-life?
  4. Who is your villain?
  5. How long does it take to do the mission?
  6. What race is the main character?
  7. Do you reckon your story is cliche?
  8. Is there a wise old mentor?
  9. Is there a hunt for 1 or more magical objects?
  10. Is there a random language full of made up words. Example: haiogjoijf is 'Hello'
  11. Did you make a large map IRL with no knowledge whatsoever of how Anglo-Saxons named towns? You think -ton is random and -borough is random too.
  12. Is there a 'Sword of Doom' or 'Sword of Destiny' or something like that?
  13. Are all of the same race the same personality. ie All elves are nice, so it's nothing like humanity.
  14. How does ??? die?
  15. Are there any names with 'Land', 'Immir', 'Vanion' or 'Rond' on the end?
  16. Does the villain have slaves who are very dumb?
  17. Does the main character travel with friends? How many?
  18. Are the friends 1 girl and 2 boys?
  19. Is the main character an orphan, adopted, or single-parented?
  20. Are the high-class villains evil wraith-like zombies?
  21. If I am telepathic. Are low-class villains made of mud and dirt with absolutely no brain?
  22. ... and the main villain lives in the tallest tower ever surrounded by mountain, fire, lava and storm?
  23. Does the villain hide his face by the shadow of his hood (impossible) or a mask?
  24. Does your character get soaked in a river alive at least once?
  25. Does your character nearly get roasted by giants/something at least once?
  26. How does the story start?
  27. (Scientifically impossible) what happens when the villain dies?
  28. If you were to make a film for your story/if you did, did you use LOTR music?
  29. Names like 'Vaniar' and 'Baudemaug' (Copyright)
  30. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How cliche is my fantasy story?