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  • I got 10% cliche

    The story has three main characters, four if you count the villain from book one that dies at the end. They are the cinnamon Chosen One, the double-agent and the bitter daughter. Zoticus was the son of a rich commoner and got chosen with the power of Vita or life, Maya works for the Council, the ruler of the land and infiltrated Pajfen, the city of the Infernos (people with hell power) and Nova is the bitter daughter being used as a weapon for her adoptive mother, who was a wielder of the power of death but her powers faded with age. Nova is planning to steal her mother's power and restore it and meld it with her own elemental power so she will become the villain in later books

  • 0% Cliche! I have the general storyline but havent started writing it yet. My story (IS PRETTY FREAKING LONG O BE PREPARED READING THIS)is about a girl named Lily who lives in foster homes with her younger sister Laurel and then meets this 25-year-old guy named Miguel who brings her and her sister to a group of people who have powers to protect them from the government and other people who want to kill them and/or experiment on them to try and do things later shown. They fight those people and so on. (Im not going to get in detail for the sake of time.) I thought it would be more cliche because Lily falls in love with the villains kid and her sister is basically Prim until you get further into the story. I mean, a younger sister named after a flower is initially shy and meek but goes through some character development only to get blown up. But then it turns out she didnt actually die and it was just so the villain could take her in and turn her against her sister. I might do a bit more to make her less like Prim but idk for now.

  • Only 7% cliche! Yay! My story is about a girl who is invited by a secret spy organization to defeat a international terrorist group. They train for a very long time and then go on an world-wide mission to defeat the terrorist group. It turns out that the leader of both organizations (good AND bad) are magicians and they perform spells to defeat each other. The girls have no training on magic but they pick up some wands from the enemy's storehouse and try their best to do magic (and fail :P) it ends with the terrorist group being defeated except for the leader so it's kind of a cliffhanger...

  • I got 17% cliche. Pretty good for my first story, tbh.

    Since everyone eze is talking about their stories, I guesz I'll do the same. My story revolves around a lad who, with his mother and 8 year old brother, escape their hometown attacked by one of the major villians (his father is killed while fighting). The villain's group and their ambition is very well known, but until his father's death, he didn't care for them. He decided that, in his father's honor, he would fight against him by gaining the power to do so and joining up with the bvillain's major enemy in order to protect the rest of his family and other. Story goes on fron there, but I won't say anymore.

  • my story is about a girl lost in the woods, without remembering anything, and has a tattoo of a vine on her arm. Then she finds a guy in the woods and the guy decides to take her home until her family finds her (she was about 7 years old). She was home schooled for 11 years then headed of to high school. After a couple weeks in high school, she starts falling in love with a vampire and doesn't know he is a vampire, then she finds out that he is a vampire and the the girl is a witch. When she gets angry, worried, or needs help, she starts using powers and the vine on her arm, grows when she uses her powers :)

  • Your story is 13% cliche. 13%

    You could be a professional author when you are older, or even right now! Your story is fair and square and very good, bravo bravo and remember to thank me if it becomes a successful story! Hehe!

    Aw thank you, I hope I answered accurately - some of the questions were hard for me lol... I loved some of the funny ones, like, "Are you high class villains evil, wraithlike zombies?" and one of the answers was "YES ARE YOU TELEPATHIC" HAHA! That was hilarious. XD

  • I got 10% cliche

    (haven't written it yet, because I am the queen of procrastination)

    The story is about a neglected and unnoticed princess who tires of being stuck in the shadow of her much more favored and adored older half-sister. A major public embarrassment that I haven't decided on yet causes her to snap and release all of her pent up anger and frustration from the last ten-ish years, and she make a brash and not-very-thought-out decision to run away from home.

    That's all I have so far, really. I have some characters and stuff I'd like to add. Also, she's gay. BYYYYYYEEEEEE.

  • 10% cliche! My story is about just an ordinary guy whose parents gave him a mystical artifact they found one day and it transports the ordinary guy (named Jake btw) to another dimension. He meets this group of people who are copy-and-paste Dr. Stranges that master the elements.

  • 0% cliche! Dang. My story is about a insane god who focused on a group of people that they wanted to killed for their own amusement. The main characters are 5 people of varying gender and age. There's a pair of teenaged orphan twins,a 15 yr old warrior, and a married couple.

  • 3% cliche! He he! I hate cliches, and I detest stories like that too. It's awful when people say 'it's raining cats and dogs' or you read a story with villains in towers with trolls and goblins!

  • 10% cliche. Well, she IS a reincarnated goddess...but it's just a Fanfic...

    13% cliche. Second story, and this really is an original! But there isn't really a huge quest or whatnot...not really, anyway. Awesome quiz!

  • If anyone here has a account, you can contact me (the creator of the quiz)! Name: Mr Theory

  • 10%... Really? Wow. :) I thought Paranormal Love was awful. xD I guess it's more of a cliche romance story. xP

  • 7%

    I think my story is pretty solid in original elements, it's not perfect, but eh

  • 20% that much? I'm ashamed lol better fix it :P

  • 3 percent wow my story is real life about me spying on a girl i have a crush on

  • 0% :) Although I think it's at least 5%.

  • 7%


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