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  • my official thread
    "Hello just bumping"
    "Hello! I know you haven’t been active in a long time, but still: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope that this year will be "
  • my official thread
    "Maybe for the first time in my academic life, I’m struggling??? Or maybe not... Anyway bye I must study for a math test"
  • my official thread
  • Birthday party
    "Happy birthday!"
  • my official thread
  • my official thread
    "Honestly this is so sad"
  • my official thread
    "I hoped to go to sleep an hour ago because I want to wake up early tomorrow but Harry Potter distracted me good night I guess"
  • TBH Quiz
  • "Probably"
  • my official thread
    "Ok I’m slightly concerned here: https://gtq.fandom.com/wiki"
  • my official thread
    "Do you know why your school does not have any extracurriculars?"
  • my official thread
    "Oh great. I requested a post to be deleted on this thread on page 36 so now all my posts are shifted one back. That means I lo"
  • my official thread
    "I really only started playing tennis because my parents and my friend were doing it The state is saying they might try to do th"
  • my official thread
    "Do you play any sports?"

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