Are you a cat expert?

This is the worst thing about this site besides the glitches. Die rule. Go away. Especially since this is a one hundred character rule. On to the next box.

This box is more boring then the last. I hate the parting words. Cats are poofy. You know, except for sphinx cats. They are you doing today and projects that are not

Created by: Etini
  1. Do cats walk on tiptoe?
  2. How many whiskers does a cat have in all?
  3. Do Russian Blues need leashes?
  4. How many lives do cats have?
  5. Can cats (not kittens) drink milk?
  6. Why can cats (not kittens) drink milk?
  7. Why can't cats (not kittens) drink milk?
  8. Can cats get cataract?
  9. Can cats say meow?
  10. Why can't cats pronounce meow?

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Quiz topic: Am I a cat expert?