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  • Okay, Spicey
    "Miss Javelin told Hope to come into her office. Hope told her she was looking for a child to stay with Mr. Jackson for a week."
  • June
    "Finally she got Roxy out the door. "No more partying," she said. She opened the car door and forced Roxy inside, then got into the driver's ..."
  • 1x1
    ""Um," Georgie said, "We havw to wait until he's asleep," she said."
  • Emotion?
    "Jordan nodded, "I just haven't been to somebody's house in a long time.""
  • Anybody Wanna RP?
    ""What do you have?" she asked."
  • Alternate ending
    "Rasia shook her head again. Suddenly, she wrenched herself out of Axel's arms, running out of the room."
    ""Cardboard ones," the man said as he brought Alex closer to the car."
    ""Well they're not," Cassie said, setting the box down and continuing with the garlic."
  • Tat
    ""Rasia looked at him. "Are they two people or one?""
  • Prisonborn
    "Sophia shook her head. "I couldn't," she said quietly. "Plus, if They find us it would probably get broken."
  • June Roses
    "Adrian was standing near the minister, waiting for Jewel. He was extremely nervous. James noticed the not-positive face Adrian was ma"
  • RP with me :D
    ""Look, if I don't, she's probably going to call the police and report me missing. She's probably already wondering where I am," Wren tried t..."
  • Hey Spice,
    ""Here, eat," Adrian said, handing her some toast."
  • Warming my heart
    "(Changing it to Tessa because that's the name I have in my story) Tessa walked into the mansions wide-eyed. When she had woken "
  • June
    ""Come on," Aster said, giving another tug. She really wished someone would help her, but she didn't think anyone at the party would, and so ..."

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