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  • Rp owo
    "C1 please"
  • Spice
    "(She's stuck on top of a tall horse how can Robo touch her hand?) Kenna stared at the robotic dog in confusion at its sudden tr"
  • You may have stolen me
    ""I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have to," Nickola said, his tone growing harsh. "It doesn't seem to be something you're capable of unde..."
  • You may have stolen me
    "Dahlia's words were like icy stabs to his heart. He loved her, he didn't want her to see him that way. But she was starting to push him over..."
  • Spice
    "Regal had stopped when Ander was thrown off the horse by some metal creature. She let out a squeak of surprise as it flew past her and sent ..."
  • You may have stolen me
    ""I think you'll enjoy the walk better if we move outside," Nickola said, guilding Dahlia towards the grand wooden front doors. He unlocked i..."
  • Hello
    "You've reached GTQ's sleepy time. Please try again later. Just kidding lol although most users here are Americans and so it's "
  • Rosen Embers
    "IBS is just weird, you can't eat oddly specific things. Like I can have pretty much anything dairy. But if I have too m"
  • "I'm very naturally a stoic. I don't always show how things affect me, whether they make me happy or sad or whatnot."
  • Rp owo
    "Hmm... Can I?"
  • Rosen Embers
    "Some of my bottom teeth kind of hurt. Maybe I'm finally going to lose some more teeth."
  • Rosen Embers
    "That was one of the most boring things I've ever done."
  • suddenly...
    "C1 gets a dream at night sent by a demon, a fiery woman with a whip of iron. She gives C1 the Mark of Cain. But it's altered. Any pain infli..."
  • Rosen Embers
    "Figured out why your chest goes out when you suck your stomach in. Your diaphragm contracts, which makes your chest go up, and"
  • My Sketchbook
    "I could post a picture but the drawing of it is on my dresser and I don't want to get up and grab it. But I think it's going t"

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