What Band Section Are You In?

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Here, you will find out what band section you're in. Or will be in. Or whatever circumstance you're in . . . you get what I'm saying, Basically, take the quiz, get your section.

And my computer wasn't being stubborn today, so you get pictures with your results! Yippee! I have no idea what else to put here. Some people are very good at filling this part out, but I'm not.

Created by: dragonsfire
  1. I'm warning you right now, that all of these questions are based off of personal experience. Ok? (no effect)
  2. Your band director is talking. What're you doing?
  3. Where is your music?
  4. And your pencil?
  5. The director puts their hands/baton up.
  6. The conductor starts moving their arms, and no one plays. Then the director tells you guys that you were supposed to be playing.
  7. What are you wearing to your band concert?
  8. What're you doing while the band director is yelling at the brass?
  9. What're you doing while the band director is teaching the percussion section a new rhythm?
  10. What're you doing while the band director is giving advice to the woodwinds?
  11. comment/rate? (no effect)
  12. What do you think you are?

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