Ectoparasites #4

This another part of Ectoparasites for the VT students of 2008 to study from for their finials. Since this is a very large section it has to broke up into parts to get everything down that we need to know so that we may pass our finial.

So how did you do on this section? I hope you did better then you thought that you would do. I know that it is helping me by doing this, since when I took one of the other test I got a good score on it and I will be trying them again later.

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  1. Psorergates spp. common name is itch mite or cattle mite and can be found in sheep, cattle, and mice.
  2. Only the adult Psorergates are mobile.
  3. Psorergates do not burrow in the skin. and they spread fast and heavy.
  4. You may diagnosis Psorergates by doing a skin scraping and then treat with Ivomex, Dectomax, or Lime Sulfur dips.
  5. Demodes spp (Demodectic mange) larvae have 3 pair of stubby legs and nymphs and adults have _____ pair of legs.
  6. The entire life cycle of the Demodex takes place within the hair follicle.
  7. Demodex is not species specific.
  8. The Demodex eggs are laid in the hair follicle and are fusiform or spindle shaped.
  9. Demodex larvae have 8 legs.
  10. Demodex goes through two nymphal stages of development in the hair follicle. They are portonymph and deutonymph.
  11. There are 9 type of Demodex mites which can inhabit the canine skin and hair follicles.
  12. You know if an animal has Demodex if hair loss and scaly skin.
  13. There are localized and generalized forms of Demodex.
  14. To treat localized mange you can use Goodwinol ointment or nothing.
  15. Demodex can not be treated with Ivomec.
  16. Demodex in cats is rare and affects the eyelids and periocular areas.
  17. Otodectes cyanotis common name is ______________.
  18. Otodectes are brown and do not move freely.
  19. Otodectes hosts are ________________.
  20. Dogs are less sensitive then cats to otodects.
  21. Otodectes life cycle: adults lice on the surface of the skin usually in the ear canal, and eggs are laid with a cement to stick them to the ear.
  22. Otodectes larvae have 8 legs.
  23. The Otodectes nymphs (protonymph) has 4 pair of legs with the last pair very small.
  24. You may identify the Otodects with a microscope or seeing a moving mites in the ear with an otoscope magnification.
  25. Notoedres cati (head mange) resembles the otodectes.
  26. Notoedres cati is primarily in cats and rabbits, but can be transferred temporarily to dogs and man.
  27. Notoedres have the same life cycle as Sarcoptes, except mites are more numerous and easier to find.
  28. You do a face scraping of the face and ear to reveal the mite.
  29. Common dandruff mite or rabbit fur mite is the common name for ___________.
  30. The adult ectoparasite from question 29 are fairly large at 0.38 mm and has 4 pairs of legs that bear combs instead of suckers.
  31. Man can be a temporary host and get a skin rash from the ectoparasite in question 29.
  32. Cheyletiella spp. adults females can live off the host for up to 10 days, but the male is dependent on the host
  33. To diagnosis the Cheyletiella do a scraping of the lesion and examine using a clearing chemical and it will reveal the distinctive mites.
  34. Pneumonyssus caninum is the ___________ mite.
  35. To diagnosis you will find the mites in the nasal cavities or crawling from the nose under anesthesia.
  36. Trombicula spp. adults are orange or red color and are 1mm long and has an oval or figure 8 shaped and is covered with hairs.
  37. Trombicula spp larvae are not parasitic on all domestic animals, including man.
  38. Trombicula is known as a _________ mite, and it does not burrow as once thought. But it injects a digestive fluid that dissolves cells.
  39. Ticks, like mites, belong to what class?
  40. There are 800 species of ticks worldwide, and 80 of the are found in the USA.

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