Ectoparasites VT 107

This is a quiz about Ectoparasites. It is only the first like 20 pages of the notes. I just went through the notes and made up questions so that it could help us all with the finial. I will put up the rest later. Hope it helps. Good luck.

PCC VT program: 1st year Parasitology with Dr. Haveman. Purposely designed for tech students in this class of 2008 to study parasites. Class feel free to make more test for us to practice. I probably will. So you are a genius or not? If you would like to find how smart you are in just a few minutes. So lets see if you are a genius or not.

Created by: Xandie
  1. Arthropod parasites cause damage in __________ ways.
  2. There are two classes that contain all of the parasites which are important in Vet Med.
  3. Hexapoda have what ___________________ .
  4. Mites and ticks are in what family ______________.
  5. An incomplete metamorphosis is ___________________.
  6. Myiasis infestation of live vertebrate animals by the larvae of dipterous flies that feed on host's dead or living tissue, liquid body fluids, or ingested food.
  7. Myiasis are not classified according to body area or organ where larvae develop.
  8. There are __________ larval stages in life cycle of dipterous flies.
  9. Common name for Hypoderma are _______________.
  10. Hypoderma adult flies done have mouth parts and feed.
  11. The Hypoderma eggs hatch into first stage larvae in about 2-6 days and enter the subcutaneous tissue at site of deposition by burrowing.
  12. The Hypoderma spend 6 months in the subcutaneous space of the host.
  13. The adult flies don't bite cause restlessness and agitation and panicked herds that may cause injuries or heat prostration
  14. Adult Heel fly may be diagnosed by activity of cattle or by capturing fly and IDing.
  15. Sheep nose bot of nose bot is the common name for?
  16. Oestrus are mostly found in the frontal sinuses.
  17. You may find 6-10 Oestrus larvae per animal.
  18. Ivomex is Tx of choice and is safe and 100% effective.
  19. Ivomex is Tx of choice and is safe and 100% effective.
  20. Normal host of Cuterebra spp are?
  21. Cuterebra adults lay eggs in burrows of rabbits and rodents where they do not hatch intermittently.
  22. Cuterebra are larvae are maggots in rabbits and rodents and they may cause parasitic castration.
  23. When treating you should avoid rupturing larva, it may cause anaphylaxis.
  24. Fox bot is the common name for _____________ .
  25. Wohlfartia adult females eggs not larvae.
  26. The Wohlfartia larval stage last 7-9 days, the pupal stage lasts 10-12 days, and the entire life cycle lasts 30-36 days.
  27. Wohlfartia larvae can not produce toxin that can kill the host.
  28. Melophagus ovinus common name is Sheep Ked or Sheep tick and is a tick.
  29. Melophagus ovinus is species specific.
  30. Adults sucks blood from the sheep and complete metamorphosis. They live 5 months and mate in 3-4days.
  31. Melophagus are not a serious parasite of sheep.
  32. Blow flies hatch within 2 hours.
  33. Female blow flies lays about 1-3000 eggs in her life at about 150 eggs per site.
  34. Blow fly larvae will not wander some distance to pupate.
  35. Pupation of the blow fly may be suspended for months or may take 3-7 days, the entire life cycle can take as little as 7 days.
  36. Sheep are struck very frequently in the breech, and around tail where wool is soiled and skin is scalded by feces, firth fluid, urine, etc.
  37. Blow flies are diagnosis by doing a fecal float.
  38. Callitroga hominovorax common name is _________________.
  39. The Callitroga hominovorax has been eradicated in the USA since 1960.
  40. The Callitroga hominovorax adult flies mate only once, and the males are not parasitic, but feeds on plant nectar and fresh cow manure.

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