What Band Should You Be Listening To?

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You love music but there are so many bands out there. How could you possible know which one is for you. You don't have time to search them all out, download their songs, and listen for countless hours to find the right band for you.

Well we've done all the work for you! Answer these easy 12 questions and based upon those answers are experts will match you up with precisely the perfect band that you should be listening to.

Created by: Dr. Music
  1. You probably like many types of music but which of these could you absolutely not live without?
  2. Even if it's only when your alone and no ones looking, what kind of dancing do you do?
  3. When you go see a band play live what kind of place is it?
  4. If you see a "hipster" fall off his skateboard after hitting a rock, getting blood all over his beard and/or mustache, what do you do?
  5. Finish this sentence - Justin Bieber is....
  6. Which of these is NOT an actual country song?
  7. Your favorite music goes best with which one of these sports?
  8. Which one of these TV shows is the worst abomination to mankind?
  9. What kind of bar is your favorite?
  10. Your friends call you _____?

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