Which jRock band should you listen to?

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I always think of music as a key to escape from life for a little while. It sends me to far off lands like when you visualize what you're reading in a book. It's just so wonderful.

Ever wonder what kind of music might suit you? Well I have 3 bands that perform jrock but in different yet similar ways. Which band is more suited for your taste? Let's find out!

Created by: Moyashi
  1. Favorite types of colors.
  2. Type of candy.
  3. Movie genre.
  4. If someone were to insult you, what's you're response?
  5. You're at a party, what do you do?
  6. Smilies~!
  7. How are you today?
  8. Last question, how do you say 'goodbye'?
  9. Comment.
  10. Rate.
  11. All done~. If you want good songs for whichever band you wish to listen to, ask me or Ana. :3

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Quiz topic: Which jRock band should I listen to?