How many Maroon 5 songs do you know?

Do you like the band Maroon 5? If you think you know their music then this quiz is for you! M5 is the best band EVER. They don't sound like anybody in the music today. They are a refreshing change to the unoriginal, msinstream pop now.

Do you LOVE Adam's voice? I could listen to him all day. I wouldn't really mind looking at him all day either. But, back to Maroon 5's awesome lyrics... I will give a warning that you really have to know more than just a few of their hits though. Good Luck!

Created by: ashy

  1. "you left me hanging from a thread we once swung from together"
  2. "there may not be another way to your heart so i guess i better find a new way in"
  3. "there is nothing left to say to you that you wanna hear that you wanna know i think i should go"
  4. "pushing forward and archind back bring me closer to heart attack say goodbye and just fly away"
  5. "you ain't never coming back to me thats not how this was supposed to be you take my hand just to give it back"
  6. "now you've gone somewhere else far away i dont know if i will find you but you feel my breath on your neck can't believe i'm right behind you"
  7. "if you needed love well then ask for love could have given love now i'm taking love"
  8. "danced all night and slept all day careless with my heart again fearless when it comes to playing games you don't cry and you don't care afraid to have a love affair is that your ghost or are you really there"
  9. "you're such a flirt i know you hurt but so do i i empathize i see you out you never care a conversation that we never shared but it's strange it's something new amazing feelings that i have for you"
  10. ""the way she felt when she first saw me hate to love and love to hate her like a broken record player back and forth and here and gone and on and on and on and on"
  11. "i asked her to stay but she wouldn't listen, she left before i had the chance to say oh the words that would mend the things that were broken but now its far too late she's gone away"
  12. "i tried my best to feed her appetite keep her coming every night so hard to keep her satisfied"
  13. "now i must lay in it deal with things i left unsaid i want to dive into you forget what you're going through i get behind make you move forget abou the truth"

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Quiz topic: How many Maroon 5 songs do I know?