Which Bayside Song are You?

Have you ever related songs to your own life? I sure have, with this quiz you can discover what songs relate most to your own life! We do all of the work for you!

The following quiz results are songs by the most amazing band in the world (Bayside). Songs include, Duality, Winter, Blame it on Bad Luck, Masterpiece, Don't Call Me Peanut, A Rite of Passage, Existing in a Crisis, and Paternal Reversal.

Created by: RJ
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  1. You're life is going downhill, or is not as good as it used to be.
  2. You have had bad relationships in the past.
  3. You believe in fate, or that everything happens for a reason.
  4. You have been in an abusive relationship.
  5. You or a loved one abuses drugs or alcohol.
  6. You have been cheated on.
  7. Someone you loved has died.
  8. You are trying to improve your life.
  9. You have a history of violence.
  10. You have friends or family that are do not have good lives.
  11. You or a loved one is a alcoholic.
  12. You have done or said contraversial things.
  13. You learn from your mistakes
  14. You never let anyone ever lie or take advantage of you.
  15. When people die, you look at the bright side of things, like how they are in a better place.
  16. You have tried drugs or alcohol
  17. You feel as if you aren't in control of your life
  18. You have made many mistakes in the past.
  19. You HATE Your ex.
  20. You have feel your life has gotten better after breaking up with someone
  21. You want to help others
  22. You've past your prime in life
  23. Past relationships have resulted in depression or sadness for you
  24. You have been extremely angry before.
  25. Life sucks
  26. You sometimes feel as if you are more than one person
  27. Your views on life are...
  28. Your life is great and so is your friends lives

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Quiz topic: Which Bayside Song am I?