Do you Know the Songs I Like?

These are some of my favourite songs. I didn't have the patience to use all my favourites, so I put the other ones I like in the possible answers. I tried not to make it so easy, but it probably is. I didn't use my favourite part of the song.. I think I should have. Lol

Do you know the songs I like? Take this quiz to find out! There are some pretty awesome songs on this quiz, you should definitely listen to them if you haven't before. But, you don't have to. ;]

Created by: Sydney
  1. Close your eyes and make believe this is where you want to be
  2. I'm the oracle in my chest, let the guitar scream like a fascist,
  3. Because when I arrive, I bring the fire, make you come alive
  4. We were both young when I first saw you, I close my eyes , and the flashback starts
  5. You know I see her all the time, everywhere I go, and even in my dreams
  6. Superstar, where you from? How's it going? I know you got a clue what you're doing
  7. Your body's cold, but girl we're getting so warm, and I was thinking of ways that I could get inside
  8. It's something about, just something about her, the way she moved, can't figure it out
  9. You know.. Sometimes you don't realize what you've done, until you've seen the damage
  10. I've had a little bit too much, much, All the people start to rush, start to rush by

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Quiz topic: Do I Know the Songs I Like?