which one of my favourate songs are you?

there are many different songs, but are you one of my favourates? Whats your favourate? Are you like that song? Do you relate well to music? well the only one of those questions answered are you one of my favourate songs and which one...

this is only a quiz thta i made for fun, do not tkae the results seriously, just have fun, really it's JUST FOR FUN. okay, understood, thank you... well because this is for fun i hope you have fun taking it

Created by: Stacey

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You wake up in the morning, you:
  2. Pick a band out of the following
  3. pick a lyric out of the following
  4. pick an album name out of the following
  5. pick a lyric:
  6. happy birthday!!!
  7. will u comment (no affect)
  8. pick a number
  9. do you like this quiz (no affect)
  10. which ipod?

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Quiz topic: Which one of my favourate songs am I?