Strange Phobias

So, I know there are tons of weird phobias out there that are just hilarious to read about. So here's a list of many of said phobias. I hope you enjoy.

I probably made this too long, but what's done is done. I'm not doing all that work again. I'm considering making more of these strange phobia quiz things, but I'd definitely make them shorter to suppress boredom.

Created by: dragonsfire
  1. Cocklaphobia - fear of hats
  2. Monologophobia - fear of repetition
  3. Alektrophobia - fear of chickens
  4. Automatonophobia - fear of human-like figures. Not humans, but things that somewhat resemble humans.
  5. Procrastinationophobia - fear of...nah, I'll tell you later.
  6. Christougenniatiko Dentrophobia - fear of Christmas trees
  7. Abcdefghijklmnoqrstuvwxyzphobia- the fear of a single, missing letter
  8. Qrsdrtftqahsgxuiphobia- fear of random letters
  9. Malusdomesticaphobia - the fear of apples
  10. Globophobia - fear of balloons
  11. Linonophobia- fear of string
  12. Oudenophobia - fear of nothing. In other words, courage.
  13. Amychophobia - the fear of being scratched
  14. Sidonglobophobia - fear of cottonballs
  15. Koutaliaphobia - fear of spoons
  16. Genuphobia - fear of knees
  17. Turophobia - fear of cheese
  18. Myrmecophobia - fear of ants
  19. Abibliophobia - fear of running out of reading material
  20. Ebulliophobia - fear of bubbles
  21. Oikophobia- fear of things in and around your home
  22. Pittakionophobia - fear of stickers
  23. Allodoxaphobia - fear of opinions
  24. Didaskaleinophobia - fear of going to school
  25. Xanthophobia - fear of the color yellow
  26. Nomophobia - fear of losing cell phone contact
  27. Zemmiphobia- fear of "the great mole rat"
  28. Ancraophobia - fear of wind
  29. Pteridophobia - fear of ferns
  30. Heliphobia - fear of sunlight
  31. Chionophobia - fear of snow
  32. Spectrophobia - fear of looking at yourself in the mirror
  33. Selenophobia - fear of the moon
  34. Asymmetriphobia - fear of things that aren't symmetrical
  35. Papyrophobia - fear of paper
  36. Domatophobia - fear of houses and being inside them
  37. Xerophobia - fear of dryness
  38. Bathophobia - fear of depth
  39. Cainophobia - fear of anything new
  40. Barophobia - fear of gravity
  41. Chronophobia - fear of time
  42. Mnemophobia - fear of memories
  43. Amaxophobia - fear of riding in cars
  44. Agyrophobia - fear of crossing roads
  45. Chorophobia - fear od dancing
  46. Mageirocophobia - fear of cooking
  47. Scriptophobia- fear of writing in public
  48. Sitophobia - fear of eating
  49. Basiphobia - fear of standing or walking
  50. Cathisophobia - fear of sitting down
  51. Ok, I'm done for now. I might've made it too long. But either you're super bored right now from reading all that or laughing your head off.

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