What Author would best write your life story?

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This quiz has been designed to help you find the best Author to tell your life story. Are you an adventurous soul? Do you have phobias that keep you from your true potential?

By taking this quiz you will see which Author/Storyteller would do the best at re-telling your life story. Take it two or more times to see if there is more than one Author that would fit the bill.

Created by: K. Chen
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  1. Think of your most traumatic memory, what age were you?
  2. Have you traveled out of the country of your birth?
  3. Have you ever been hospitalized for anything other than sickness?
  4. Have you ever been in a major accident, such as a serious car accident or similar?
  5. Do you have a close a supportive family?
  6. Would you say your childhood was "a happy one"?
  7. How many times a month do you travel out of the city you currently reside?
  8. Have you raised (or are currently raising) children?
  9. When driving, do you obey the speed limit?
  10. Do you have a phobia of the ocean or deep water?
  11. Have you ever made a life changing decision, then regretted it?
  12. Have you had a true love lost?
  13. You see a challenge, do you....?
  14. What is your favorite alcohol?

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Quiz topic: What Author would best write my life story?