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This category is our spot for the best quizzes on book authors. We hope to add many more author quizzes in the future.

Our Authors Quizzes

  • What Author would best write your life story?
    [by: K. Chen, rated: rated: 3.8/5, published: Feb 15, 2014]

    This quiz has been designed to help you find the best Author to tell your life story. Are you an adventurous soul? Do you have phobias that keep you from…

  • How Well Do You Know JK Rowling?
    [by: Ora Potter, rated: rated: 2.93/5, published: Dec 18, 2017]

    This quiz tests you on all you should know about JK Rowling. There are so many things in her life I could've added 1000 more questions! But no. In this quiz…

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