What Type of Author Are You?

There are many types of authors. Action, adventure, mystery, suspense, romance... They are amazing. And if you could find out what type of writing fits you, you could become world famous in just a few days!

Are YOU a person who want's to write, but doesn't know what to write about? Then this quiz is for you! Matching your personality with adventure/action, mystery/suspense, and romance, this quiz will find the type of book you should write! And who knows? You may be a famous author one day...

Created by: Jasmine
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You think of Romance as Gross, or Happy?
  2. Do You Like Adventure?
  3. Do You Often Say ' The suspense is killing me! ' ?
  4. Do You Like Action?
  5. Do You Like Adding a Mystery?
  6. Do You Like The Stars?
  7. Do You Like Fighting?
  8. Are You Dramatic?
  9. Is It Fun To Watch People Kill Each other?
  10. Was This a Good Quiz? ( Doesn't affect your overall score )

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Quiz topic: What Type of Author am I?