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Do you like storys filled with action and suspence! If so, you'll like District 7. I feel pretty good about it, and I hope that all of you gotoquizzers will like it.

Chapter 1 may be a little boring, depending on what you're expecting. I'm a teenager, not an award winning author, so don't expect too much. Thank you!

Created by: alyk4321

  1. It has been happening for over ten years now. Since they've taken over, nothing is left. I glance up at the gray sky, the clouds are overshadowing the darkened paths of the cold, empty, acres. I stare at an immense cloud. It's in the shape of a hand. Strange. I think to myself. Maybe it's God reaching down to help us. I laughed at my comment. How silly it was to think that God still cared for us. I try to pull myself up off the ground. The shade on my face felt so good. I couldn't help but feel a little lazy, after have been running for two weeks now. Nevertheless, I force myself up. I decide to walk over to what's left of the forest. I hadn't eaten in days... food is so scarce now.
  2. After walking for a good thirty minutes, I finally find some food. A berry bush. Now if I only could find one lucky contestant to test my food for me. I lay out a couple berries. I sit and wait until I hear the crunching of leaves behind me. I carefully turn my head from behind the tree trunk I was sitting with. A fawn. Perfect. The fawn slowly trampled over the leaves to the berries. She sniffs them then calmly eats one. I watch from behind the trunk as the fawn starts to get sleepy. It's legs start to get shaky as it falls to the ground. When I'm sure it's dead, I get out from behind the tree and drag the fawn. Zeplin berries. I discovered them a few months ago, when the only thing to eat was stale or molded bread. They kill instantly, and this is how I've been getting food for the past weeks. But recently, it seems like all the animals have disappeared, too.
  3. "Zeplin berries." I hear a voice say from behind me. At first I'm so shocked I don't turn around. But finally I do. It's a boy, about my age. I know I've seen him before, I just don't know where. "That's pretty smart." He says walking closer to me and my food which I was extremely protective over. "Who are you?" I say with annoyance in my voice. I think he could tell that he didn't come at a good time. "Luca. Luca Di Giovanni." He put his hand in front of my face as if he expected me to shake it. Di Giovanni. I knew I recognized him. Luca's father, Anthony Di Giovanni, was Governor of California before it happened. I miss saying California. We never use the names of states anymore... just, "destroyed", "safe", "captured", things like that. "Aren't you going to tell me who you are?" he asks, trying to worm his way into me sharing my food with him. "You know who I am." I say, trying to get the words out as fast as possible. "I do? Hmm..." He's pathetic! Doing this completely awkward confused face. "Alejandra. Keating." I say even more uncomfortable than before. I hate my name. I'm not even Hispanic! I one-hundred percent American, with whatever else Americans have in them. "Call me Ali." "Ali. That's more like it. You didn't look like much of an Alejandra to me." I roll my eyes when truly I agree with him. You can tell he's Italian, just by his last name. But he doesn't look like it. He has dark hair with vibrant, bright, blue eyes.
  4. "So, how long have you been running?" he asks me. The innocence in his voice annoys me. "How do I know I can trust you?" I just come out and say. "You don't," he says back, thinking he's so much better than me. "A couple weeks." "You by yourself?" he asks. I hate that he's getting into my business. "Yeah." I say looking away quickly so he couldn't see the stream of tears coming on. I haven't always been alone. I had a family, once. And it seems like a lifetime ago, though it hasn't.
  5. Mom was in the kitchen, baking a fresh loaf of bread. I see her reaching for the jar of yeast on the counter. But she doesn't see that the jar has been cracked. "Ouch!" she cries as the blood pours from her hand. "Mom!" six-year-old me calls. "Are you alright?" "Oh, Alejandra. I'm fine." She wraps her hand in a towel. "It's just a little cut." She gives me a hug and sends me out to the yard to play. That's when I see them. Their giant evil ship of the sky flew over me. The ground shook and I fell off the swing set. "Mom!" I cried running inside, to find an empty house, no mom. "Mom, where are you?!" I was shocked, only being six, not understanding that life isn't full of fairy tales and happy endings. Ever since that day, when all I ever knew disappeared, I've been alone and raised myself.
  6. "Hello, earth to Ali?" It took me a minute to realize that I was daydreaming again. I wiped my tears and turned to Luca. "You okay?" "Yeah, fine." I say. "Hey, look. You might want to keep walking. I've heard they're checking out this area." "Thanks for the warning." He gets up then asks,"Are you gonna eat all that?" I take a moment to get over me and my selfish habits, and decide to give him some of the fawn. I wouldn't be able to eat all of it anyway. Though I was really hungry. I give him some of the fawn. "Thanks. See ya." "See ya." I say smiling. It was good seeing some signal of human life, even if it was him. I eat my meal then carry on with my journey.
  7. As I walk I come across an old barn, that looks vacant. I come to the heavy metal doors, and try with all I can to get the doors open. They won't budge. I get a branch off a tree and try to wedge my way into it. Slowly to door starts to slide open. I push it open the rest of the way, and look around inside. There's a desk, and above it are articles and newspaper clippings from years ago. With the titles, "End of the World", "They are Among Us", and "Invasion is Near", I knew what this was about. Someone knew about them, before they even came. I observed their research. There was charts, diagrams, pictures of subjects, formulas, this guy had it figured out. I guess they found him before he could spread the word.
  8. I make my way up to the loft, there's more up here. I search through the papers, but everything's useless. It's too late. Just then I see something behind the stacks of hay bales. A secret door. I open it. Inside, there are articles arranged in some sort of pattern along the wall. And in a different language. It reads: "Se stai leggendo questo vuol dire che ci sono alcuni di voi ancora vivo. Siate coraggiosi. Ferma presa di posizione. E uscire mentre í¨ possibile. Possa Dio avere pietí  delle vostre anime." Italian! Maybe Luca could help me read it. Yeah, sure like his brain is an English to Italian dictionary.
  9. The sky is starting to grow dark, so I decide to camp out for the night. Staying in the barn wouldn't be safe, considering that they had already taken this man captive. Or worse. I climb down the ladder from the loft. As I'm climbing down, I loose my footing and fall the rest of the way down. I didn't think it was that far, but I was wrong. Below the ladder is cement, I bang my head on it. "Ouch!" I yell louder than I should have. I was okay, besides the giant purple bruise on my forehead. I manage to get up, and start to walk outside. I find a quite place in the woods to sleep. The sounds of wildlife fade as my eyes close and I go into a deep sleep.
  10. I awake to the sound of trees that sound as if they're about to come up out of the ground. It takes me a minute to realize what was going on. I look above me. I see a giant aircraft. The same one I saw the day mom disappeared. They're directly above me and there's nothing I can do now.
  11. I close my eyes because I know they see me now. I prepare myself for what is to come, either being blown to dust, experimented on, becoming their brainwashed slave, or worse. When I start to give up on any hope left for me, something, or someone, pushes me out of the open into the bushes in the shadows. It was so fast, and I was unsure of who or what it was.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!Please comment for Chapter 2!

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