How well do you know the Doodle District?

Doodle District is the name of my comic series that I've created. So far, it has no publicity and doesn't really exist yet; it's mostly storyboarding for what's to come when I don't have school in my way.

Therefore, unless you know me personally and you've caught up with me about the Doodle District, this will pretty much be completely guessing. Whether you know anything or not, have fun!

Created by: DoodleDistrict
  1. What is Paige's job title?
  2. Where does Irving come from?
  3. What year does the Doodle District comic take place in?
  4. What is the name of Steve Spilladdion's illegitimate child? (Joannah's long-lost half-sibling)
  5. Which of these characters' second toe is longer than their first one?
  6. What are Vance's cats' names?
  7. Which of these pairs of characters are a married couple?
  8. What is Woody's legal first name?
  9. What is Dan's relationship to Max and Fred?
  10. What religion does Irving practice?
  11. What is Harold's birthday?
  12. Paige is stoic and logical to the point of interference with her social wellbeing. Why?
  13. Why does Joannah have a giant scar on her left arm?
  14. What color is Woody's hair?
  15. Rosario is a bee keeper and she named one of her bees after someone she loves. Who is it?
  16. What's controversial about Emily?
  17. What does Paige's giant collection consist of?
  18. Is Morgan a boy or a girl?
  19. Which odd, useless fact is true about Gracie Lee?
  20. How does Harold feel about Woody?
  21. When did Harold and Joannah meet?
  22. Joannah really likes to snuggle and can come off as needy. Why does she do this?
  23. Imogen loves to do exciting and even reckless things as often as she can, like roller coasters and rock climbing. What influences her behaviors?
  24. As a parent, why was Irving so intent on getting Paige and Harold fed?
  25. Which character wears a lot of bracelets?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Doodle District?