Which Doodle District character are you?

Doodle District is the name of my comic series, which currently, is not yet released to the public. These are 8 of the characters that appear in my comics, and when you take this quiz, you can find one that you are most like!

I have little experience with digital artwork, a fact I will soon have to change. For now, I do all of my work on pencil and paper, so anyone taking this quiz likely won't be able to access anything I do for a while. Anyway, have fun finding out which character from the Doodle District you are!

Created by: DoodleDistrict

  1. Which of these colors appeals to you the most?
  2. Which one would you want as a pet?
  3. You've had a long, frustrating day. What do you do when you get home and have the evening to yourself?
  4. How much do you value kindness in someone else?
  5. You're on a train ride to the city and see a young child riding the train by themselves. Said child looks underprivileged and isn't carrying much with them. What do you do?
  6. Which activities sound the most appealing to you? Which would you spend your day doing?
  7. Which of these words appeals to you the most, considering both connotation and phonetics?
  8. What do you think of working with children?
  9. Your best friend loses someone in their family. They are struggling with the leftover money, possessions, estate, and emotions. What do you do?
  10. Which one sounds like an ideal living space?
  11. You're having a nice stroll with your best friend when a nasty guy saunters past you and makes a snide comment about your friend. What do you do?

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