Which HG District Do You Live In?

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So, this is the truth. If you were in Districf one through them in the Hunger games districts, which one would you be in? A career district? Or not???

Do you have enough to even BE INA DISTRICT? Maybe you don't... Maybe you're just an outsider... Hmmmmmmmmmm? Yeah I'm truthful... Lol so just please take the quiz already! No one ever reads this part anyway.

Created by: Clove Sevina
  1. Sorry, I ky had enough room for ten districts... Is that okay?
  2. Who do you like better?
  3. Which do you ship? (Like best)
  4. Which you like better?
  5. Which you like better?
  6. Do you like animals?
  7. Which District is Haymith from?
  8. Where is Enobaria from?
  9. Does District Two do good work?
  10. Did you like this boring and weird quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which HG District do I Live In?