Which Hunger Game District Are You?

Now that you have seen the movie and read the books do you find yourself wondering which district you would live in. Would you like to see which of the tributes you are most similar to.

Find out which District you belong in by taking this short quiz. Do you belong with Katniss in District 12 or with Cato in District 1. Find out now, and let the odds be forever in your favor.

Created by: Kiss of In The Mind of Kiss
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  1. In the Cornucopia which would you do?
  2. Choose your favorite food.
  3. Choose a color.
  4. choose a skill
  5. Choose a area
  6. Choose a tribute to be your teammate.
  7. Are you a hunter or do you gather?
  8. Pick a time period.
  9. Choose a car.
  10. Would you volunteer for the Hunger Games?

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Quiz topic: Which Hunger Game District am I?