what hunger games distict are you from?

There are many districts and few rich districts. Other districts are still exceptional. What are districts? districts are sections in the hunger games and each district has a specialty.

Are you willing to take this quiz? To see what district in panem you're in. If you really want to know you should take this quiz. In just a few minutes i think you will be supprised at what district you're in

Created by: Orel
  1. What do you specialize in
  2. do you volunteer as tribute. Why?
  3. Would you stand a chance in the hunger games
  4. What's your weapon of choice
  5. Who were you rooting for in the 74th hunger games
  6. what about 75th?
  7. What's your favorite food
  8. pick which best describes you
  9. what's your hobby?
  10. If you were offered more money would you take it?

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Quiz topic: What hunger games distict am I from?