Hunger Games Quiz

Do you love the Hunger Games? If you do, then take this quiz! It will put you Hunger Games knowledge to the test! Test has many questions, pay close attention!

See how you score, from 0% to 100%! Find out now! I know I'm not much of a writer, but these paragraphs should give you a good enough description of my quiz.

Created by: emma
  1. Which Games did Seneca Crane compete in?
  2. Now I'm gonna do harder questions. What is the name of Prim's goat?
  3. What does District 4 specialize in?
  4. What are Careers?
  5. What is Caesar Flickerman's job?
  6. Who is Peeta's Stylist?
  7. What did Claudius Templesmith NOT announce during the 74th annual Hunger Games?
  8. What is so special about the Games that are multiples of 25?
  9. What kind of pin did Rue wear?
  10. What does Katniss ALWAYS DO before she passes through the fence around the District Boundaries?
  11. What killed Foxface?
  12. What can't Effie Trinket stand?
  13. Which of them was not a Career?
  14. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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