How well do u know THE HUNGER GAMES

I love the hunger games and other fandoms as well but the question is do you?This is my first quiz so please no hate comments or rates.I suggest only taking this quiz if u like the hunger games

Do you like the hunger games? Do YOU spend most of your time reading and writing your own stories?I may be able to tell you. If you like the hunger games and have always wondered about it then take this quiz!

Created by: I_am_Samantha
  1. How old is Prim in the Hunger games
  2. Does Peeta really love Katniss?
  3. How does Rue die?
  4. Does Cinna die?
  5. What is Peeta's favorite color?
  6. So far did u like this quiz?BE HONEST
  7. Where did Katniss first meet Peeta?
  8. What does Rue ask for from Katniss before she dies?
  9. Who is Beetee?
  10. Last question!Who does Katniss love?
  11. Bye

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