Would You Survive The Games?

This quiz is about if you would survive the Hunger Games. It's just for fun, don't get carried away or anything. I really hope you enjoy it. I wanted to make a quiz like this but never could find the right site.

In this quiz, you encounter wild animals, deathful twists, and undeciding feelings. Try it and feel the stress of the annual hunger games sit on you. Happy Hunger Games!

Created by: Anyomous
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  1. You are chosen for the reaping. You...
  2. You overlook the arena, once you're in it. To the north is a wooded pine tree forest. To the east is a thick snowy mountain. The south shows a water land with wooded islands and the west shows a cliff with a powerful waterfall... you head to?
  3. The Gong rings out and you...
  4. You hear a tribute coming up on you. He/She is older than you and doesn't see you yet. They start a fire. What do you do?
  5. You happen to come upon a bear and you do...
  6. You are lured to the careers by a tornado. They find you and ask you to join. What do you do?
  7. Your best weapon is...
  8. Whats Your Best Skill?
  9. You make it to the final fight. The Capitol has lured you to the cornucopia using a drought. You settle in and see the other tribute run through the woods to the cornucopia with a flying dinosaur that has saber tooth claws. You...
  10. You happen to go home. What do you think about your winnings?

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