Would you survive in the Hunger games

Do you love the Hunger Games, the books and movies and ever wondered if you would survive in them? Well, this quiz will give you the answer you have been seeking.

This quiz will tell you if you will survive or not and in which way you will or not. Will, you eat nightlock berries, try to get a weapon, make it to the top 5 or win.

Created by: T.J
  1. Your in training what strategies are you using
  2. You're still in training what station do you go to
  3. Caesar Flickerman is interviewing you, are you going to act
  4. you are now in the arena are you going to the cornucopia
  5. when you leave what direction do you head
  6. you are running where do you seek cover
  7. The career tributes are near you what do you do
  8. there is a wildfire what do you do
  9. do you try to find people to make allies
  10. just some general questions - what would be your weapon of choice
  11. would you sacrifice your life for someone else
  12. do you ship Katniss and Peeta or katniss and Gale
  13. what would you wish for as a gift from a sponsor

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