The Hunger Games Quiz!

There are many people you like the Hunger Games but few who really love it. The books really are quite exceptional. Suzanne Collins really outdid herself.

Are you a Hunger Games expert? Do you have to love of the books to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder but thanks to me and this quiz now you'll know!

Created by: Katniss11

  1. Who is the main character?
  2. Who is the girl who gets originally drawn for the reaping?
  3. How old is Katniss?
  4. How many years older is Gale than Katniss?
  5. What district is Katniss from?
  6. Who is the first person Katniss is allies with?
  7. Where does Katniss find Peeta after the rule change?
  8. Who is Katniss's stylist?
  9. Who is Peeta's stylist?
  10. Who is Katniss's first ally?
  11. What district is responsible for making special items for The Capitol?
  12. Who are the District 1 tributes?
  13. What is Katniss's sister's name?
  14. Now this part of the quiz is on Catching Fire okay?
  15. Who threatens Katniss at the beginning of the book?
  16. What Quarter Quell does Katniss have to compete in?
  17. Who are Katniss's allies?
  18. Who are the brother and sister in the Games?
  19. What is Finnick wearing on the chariot ride?
  20. What district is Johanna from?
  21. What is the rule change for the second Quarter Quell?
  22. Now this part of the quiz is on Mockingjay okay?
  23. What happens to District 12?
  24. Where do the living people from District 12 go?
  25. Who gets captured by President Snow?
  26. Does President Coin or President Snow die?
  27. Which one of Katniss's family or friend's dies?
  28. Last Question! Does Katniss pick Peeta or Gale?

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