Would you survive the Hunger Games?

Lots of people have read The Hunger Games and made quizzes about it, but this is to see if you would survive. Survival is slim. It's literally kill or be killed.

The Hunger Games is when 12 boys and 12 girls are sent to the capital to fight to the death. People watch this as you would watch the World Cup. So, may the odds forever be on your side.

Created by: Wolfgrl

  1. _______ means your name. * * means you are thinking this. " " means that someone is talking.
  2. You live in District 12. You have a younger sister named Sage. It is time for the lottery of the Hunger Games.
  3. The person drawing, Elsie, smiles brightly at everyone. "Welcome to the traditional drawing for the Hunger Games," she says. "And may the odds forever be in your favor."
  4. Elsie reaches into the girls' jar. "The girl tribute will be. . ."
  5. . . . "Sage Ponyo!" You gasp. It's your sister. You can't bear to see your sister shipped off to almost death. "I volunteer!" you cry. "I volunteer for Sage Ponyo!"
  6. Elsie smiles. "And what's your name, dearie?" she asks. "_______," you say. "______ Ponyo." "Really?" she says. "Then I bet that was your sister." She laughs, like it is a very funny fact. "And now for the boy tribute."
  7. "The boy tribute is Randy Matthews!" Elsie grins like this is great news. You and Randy are shipped off on a train to the capital. After a few days, you reach it and begin training.
  8. You train for a few weeks. Finally, it is time.
  9. Ready to see if you survive?
  10. Really ready?
  11. The quiz is over now.

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