Hardest Hunger Games Quiz

The Hunger Games was one of the most high-selling movies of all time. The books have become an international phenomenon. But, have you really been paying attention?

This quiz will definitely be one of the hardest you ever take. All those small little details you didn't read because you thought you wouldn't need them? Now you're gonna wish you had.

Created by: Jorgia Riley

  1. What is the first sentence of the second part of the Hunger Games?
  2. What is Cato wearing when he is being attacked?
  3. What flower reminds Katniss of Peeta?
  4. What colour dress was Katniss wearing when Peeta first saw her?
  5. Where does Katniss get burned by the fireball?
  6. What colour was Ceasar Flickermans hair in the 73rd Annual Hunger Games?
  7. Where does Katniss shoot the squirrels every time?
  8. What's on Rue's necklace?
  9. What material is the couch in the Justice Building?
  10. When is Katniss' birthday?
  11. In what year did Haymitch win the Hunger Games?
  12. In Catching Fire, who offers Katniss a sugar cube?
  13. How does Cinna die?
  14. In the Third Quarter Quell, what is the rule change?
  15. What is Peeta's stylist called?
  16. How many parts are in Catching Fire?
  17. What is the last line of Catching Fire?
  18. What is Finnicks best weapon?
  19. What District are Beetee and Wiress from?
  20. What is the relationship between Bonnie and Twill?
  21. How does Mockingjay start?
  22. Who is the president of District 13?
  23. Who does Katniss share a room with?
  24. Who does Katniss share a room with?
  25. What happens when Katniss sees Peeta again?
  26. Who does Finnick get married to?
  27. How does Finnick die?
  28. How many kids does Katniss end up having?
  29. Which district does Gale move to?

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