Could You Win The Hunger Games?

This quiz will be a fun quiz seeing if you have what it takes to survive the Hunger Games. You can answer each question honestly and have fun with it!!

The quiz has some questions that you might not understand but if you don’t, just guess. It is still a super fun quiz and I hope you like it and enjoy taking the quiz!

Created by: Foxface_2009
  1. Which tribute is most like you?
  2. How would you ally with people?
  3. during the bloodbath, you want to get something, but the cornucopia is flooded with careers! Not far away, you see supplies, backpacks, and a small knife. It isn’t very powerful, though. What do you grab?
  4. You find some berries you know are poison, but you don’t know what to do with them. Choose a choice.
  5. Who would you choose to ally up with?
  6. How did you react when you got reaped?
  7. Choose a sponsor gift.
  8. Who is your mentor?
  9. What district are you?
  10. Have you watched all the movies and read all the Hunger Games Books?
  11. Choose a weapon of choice.
  12. Choose an arena for the games that gives you an advantage in the games.
  13. Do you have siblings? If so, would you volunteer in the reaping?
  14. The book was better!
  15. Did you like the quiz? You can be honest. I need good feedback.

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