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    "Haha jk. I'm not that stupid I'm just betting annoyed bcuz I'm blonde &all my friends think I'm retarded ):"
  • "Oops *everytime haha(:"
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    "Oh really? Thanks! :D"
  • "Rain comes from clouds, but everyone theres clouds, it never rains!"
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    "Okay well thanks anyway.. maybe ill just google it."
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    "Okay so I'm like confused because my friend wanted me to go to wal-mart with her to get some candy for halloween, but I'm like totally confu..."
  • "I am going to continue Once! I am so happy to do this I had writers block but now I know exactly what to write. :) Please read! I'll be happ..."
  • *NEW* quiz!
    "I'll take it. Only because I get mad when no one takes mine so I'll take yours. (: will you take mine pweese? It's District 7. And if you li..."
  • This is a Spam page
    "[no urls] District 7: A Novel"
  • "A new story quiz I just made. Probably my best so far. It's called 'District 7'. Thank you."
  • I'm writing a Novel
    "Sounds awesome! :D"
  • "The Beatles!"
  • The Beatles!
    "Please no mean comments. I'm only 14 so I wasn't alive in the 60s, but I totally LOVE the Beatles!"
  • "It's ok zero. :( don't give up."
  • So there's this girl
    "Eww. That's all ima say. :P"

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