The Enchanted Bus Stop

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There are loads of quiz stories on this website. Loads are fun, scary or weird. This one is very weird. It includes lots of twists and turns in the story line and you never know what is going to come next.

This is probally the billionth quizz story on this website but this one is one were you decide your own fate. You choose which path to take and your decisions affect your outcome.

Created by: starristar

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  1. You are walking home from school. Suddenly it begins to rain and bucketloads of water splash on top of your head, drenching you to the skin. Along the road you spy a bus shelter and decide to shelter there until the storm has passed. When you get to the bus shelter you see that 5 other people have also decided to take refuge under it.
  2. You are under the bus shelter when suddenly a strange senstation hits you! The bus shelter begins to vibrate and then suddenly the whole world goes black. It is as though you are flying through the air at remarkable speed just then you stop, the bus shelter goes silent.
  3. You are regaining your nerves when the deep blackness lifts and you find yourself and the bus stop and everyone else that was in the bus stop in a forest. The forest is deep and dark and there is a mist swirling in and out of the trees. One of the people that was in the bus stop sidles up to you. "Hi!" You say, "this isn't the time for small talk." He says "I know where we are." You say "really?" but your converstation is broken of when the rest of the group begins to walk into the forest and becons you to follow.
  4. It seems to you like you have been walking for ages. The forest begins to get darker as night falls and you hear the noises of night animals begining to come out. The leader of the group who introduces herself as Leannne steps forward: "I think we should all make camp, find somthing to eat and then go to sleep. We can find out what's going on in the morning." The rest of the group nod their heads and agree with Leanne. You stare at the boy who talked to you earlier. He has a dark look on his face and he does not seem to be wanting to participate with the group.
  5. Leanne pairs each of the group members up. Unfortanatley you get put with the boy and Leanne sends you to find food. He looks delighted to be with you. "My name's Barry by the way." He says and then he begins to walk quickly away from you. "Are you not coming?" Barry asks with a hint off laughter in his voice. You nod your head and hurry to keep up with him. After a while, you notice that you have been walking for an incredibaly long time. "I think we should find food now, Barry." You say. Barry stops and turns around, a strange smile on his lips. "Why should we?" You frown and shudder. Barry lears closer to you. "I have been here before." He says, "I know a shelter were we can go and in the morning I can get you out of here." (answer 1-go to question 9. Answer 2-go to question 8)
  6. Barry sets of quickly and before long you both come to a humungous catacomb. Barry begins to go down some rusty steps leading down into the heart of the catacomb. "Are you coming then?" Barry frowns. "Yeah!" You say and climb down after him. After the nerve racking decent, you both end up in the pit of the catacomb. Barry pulls a flashlight out of thep ocket of his pants and makes of down a passageway that leads down of the main catacomb. Because he is walking so quickly, you set of at a jog to catch up with him. Very suddenly he stops and you crash into him knocking him to the ground. Barry picks himself up and snarls at you. You srink back, frightened but you watch as Barry scrapes away dirt from what looks like a door. He pulls a key out of the pocket of his sweater, plugs it in the key hole and pushes the door open. Nothing could prepare you for what was on the other side. (answer 1-go to question 9. Answers 2 and 3 go to question 10)
  7. You get back to camp and you are very out of breath. Leanne rushes over to you. "Were have you been, and were is Barry?" You tell her and she shakes her head. "We saved you some food." Leanne passes you some rabbit stew and you eat it gratefully. When it is all gone, Leanne shows you your bed and suggests you get into it. You lie on the bed of scratchy leaves. (all answers go to question 11)
  8. A scream catches in your throat as you see what is behind thge door. About 3 dozen things are chained to the walls. They look like humans but they are completley bald. They have vicious looking 2 metre long claws and metre long fangs. Their skin is a ghostly white and looks like partchment paper and they stare at you with their miniscual yellow eyes. You snap to your senses as you hear Barry close the door behind you and you turn and stare at him, your mouth gaping open like a goldfish. Barry smiles, an evil twisted smile. " These are my mutants." he says with glee. "These are all the people I have lured into my clutches. I need them to feed my hunger." barry licks his lips and then leaps forward and grabs you! (answers 1 and 2-Go to question 11. Answer 3 go to question 12)
  9. it is the height of night in th camp when suddenly you hear a rumble all around. Leanne is immediatley up and shaking everyone awake. You sit up and congregate with everyone else in the group. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake You all start running until you can see the bus stop again. "Get in!" Screamed Leanne. "Maybe it will take us back home again." You all get inside, even though the ground is still shaking and you can see trees coming down. The bus stop does not seem to be going anywere. You rack your brain for a soloutino to this terrifying problem. (question 1-go to question 12. Answers 2 and 3 go to question 13)
  10. Barry wrestles with you over to a big chair with hoops to clasp your wrists and ankles there. He locks you. Then he puls out a piece of wire with a suction pad on it and fixes it to your temple. Barry Goes over to a big machine and suddenly you fell faint. The suction pad hurts your forehead and you don't know what Barry is trying to do to you. "Don't worry!" Barry put on a fake sympathetic face and voice. "Soon you will have may new friends." He looks towards the mutants. You relise that you will soon become one of them. (both answers go to question 14)
  11. Trees are crashing down around you there is a real earthquake happening. The bus stop begins to make a beeping sound but it does not sound good, it sound like it might explode. (answer 1-Go to question 14. Answers 2 and 3-Go to question 15)
  12. You feel your life force slipping away and you hear Barry cackling manically. "Please." You groan, your voice fading away. "Don't let me die." Barry steps away from the machine and strides over to you. You leans in close to your face. "I'll give you two choices." he said. Your face lights up, you might actually be getting to go home. With all your remaining energy, you say: "Yes, yes, tell me please, what is the deal?" Barry laughs. "The deal is this: You can let me drain your life force and die. Or you can live but only as a mutant. You have your choice..." (go straight to submit answers)
  13. Suddenly a voice comes through some speakers in the side of the bus stop: "Only one of you may go home." You all look at one another. Leanne repeated the words of the speaker. "Only one of us can go home..." (for all answers-Go to the next question)
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