Are you a weirdo?

There are lots of weird people in the world, but can we call weird normal? Yes we can because weird is who we are and if you really want to be weird it is so okay, weirdness if a natural human thing and the thing is is that normal is actually weird so by being weird you are normal and by being normal you are weird!

Are YOU a weirdo? Think so? Not sure? How about you take this quiz to really find out about your future in weirdness. Each person is different in this worlds so within just a few seconds your weird path to destiny in the book of weirdness truly begins! Good luck fellow weird people, if you are weird because normal is weird!

Created by: Mallicent
  1. Do you like to stay up all night on Christmas watching for Santa Claus?
  2. Pick a colour
  3. How often do you talk to your crush?
  4. Choose an item with the colour you chose!
  5. If you were to marry someone, which type of guy/gal would it be?
  6. Do you like to crush and kill bugs?
  7. How fat are you?
  8. How many friends do you have?
  9. What is your favourite channel?
  10. Pick a show on your favourite channel
  11. Who is your favourite band/singer
  12. What is your hair colour?
  13. Your name starts with
  14. You believe in aliens
  15. You have a mental disorder
  16. You take drugs
  17. You smoke
  18. What website do you think sounds most appealing?
  19. How many children do you want to have/ or already have
  20. If you could live on a planet what planet would it be?
  21. How wide are your arms?
  22. How weird do you think you are?
  23. And finally, pick a stone

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Quiz topic: Am I a weirdo?