How well do you know Nickelodeon's How To Rock?

How To Rock is a gorgeously gorgeous show with a singer, a bass player, and two best friends who are downright weird. It's really worth watching. Even the weird ones.

This quiz will test all your How To Rock knowledge, from that weirdo who speaks in third person and calls himself Danny Mango, to Furious Pigeons, a game that Kevin and Nelson are ADDICTED to. Good Luck! Jessie-D x

Created by: Jessie-D

  1. What is Zander's dog's name?
  2. In Gravity 5, Stevie plays......?
  3. Grace has a crush on.......?
  4. Molly is best friends with who?
  5. Kacey worked at Danny Mangos with Stevie, but why did she get fired?
  6. When Kevin and Nelson couldn't use virtual Furious Pigeons as a dare, how did they 'survive'?
  7. Stevie's middle name?
  8. Ok.......I told you that in this quiz I will tell you what Jessie-D stands for...... Jessica Diamond. Yeah.
  9. So.........😉 What did The Perfs call Stevie?
  10. Cymphonique Miller's middle name is the same as......?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nickelodeon's How To Rock?