Guess the Nickelodeon and Disney Song Lyrics

Do you know your Nickelodeon and Disney theme songs well? If you think or know you do. Take this quiz to determine if you do or not. I could prove you wrong if you know.

Take this this 20 question quiz to determine if you know your Nickelodeon and Disney tv show theme songs. Please don't cheat because you'll be lying to yourself.

Created by: Gabriella2
  1. 'Feels like I'm caught in the middle ____'
  2. 'Oh, I know you see me standing there ____
  3. 'Today's all burnt toast, running late, dad's jokes, ____
  4. 'So come on down, it's you and me ____
  5. 'I never thought that it will be so simple but ____
  6. 'Golden sunshine, ____
  7. 'Dj set it up, ____
  8. '... I breath it in ____
  9. 'We're heading for the top, ____
  10. 'Don't know how we ended up this way but I guess you can call us ____
  11. 'If you can dream it, ____
  12. 'It feels like a ____
  13. 'Make it work, get it right, change the world ____
  14. 'I wake up, get in motion, get into the ocean ____
  15. 'From my head to my toes, ____
  16. 'Everything is not as it seems ____
  17. 'You get the limo out front. Hottest ____
  18. 'Now I've got a brother, ____
  19. 'Off the bases, I'm going ____
  20. 'Struck by lightening, my heart's beating like a ____ (It's girl meets world on Disney.)
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