Are you a weirdo?

People see other people do totally weird things. And they call them freaks. NO, they are not freaks! They are awesome! They are letting their REAL self show! Unless they are poking a dead frog with a stick...they might be psycho.

Are you a weirdo? Do you skip up the street wearing a tshirt over a dress with a witch hat sitting upon your head? Do you play with worms? Do you dance in the hallways? Do weird things? If you do, take this quiz to see if you're a true weirdo! If you don't...go home and cry to your momma! Normal person ._.

Created by: Maryssa
  1. QUICK! Pick one!
  2. If someone asked you to think of the weirdest thing you've done, it would be....
  3. Now this has nothing at all to do with this quiz, but I wanna know, do you like the color purple, green, blue, or black? :)
  4. Do you describe yourself as a weirdo?
  5. Do other people think you're weird?
  6. Um...ran out of questions....
  7. Are your parents boring?
  8. Ugh....question you like monkeys?
  9. Oh...that was question 10....I FAILED! Don't ya think?
  10. YAY! LAST QUESTION! Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a weirdo?