What Type of Bubble Are You?

No one really asks this question, What Type of Bubble Are YOU? But now you can reccomond you weirdo friends to this weirdo quiz and proudly tell everyone, I'm A SPECIAL Bubble!

Bubbles are a lot more complex then they seem. What type are you? Bath bubbles, the bubbles you blow out of the colorful wand? Only this quiz will tell!

Created by: CountessAmi

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  1. Your friend Michelle wants to go to the movies with you but your other friend, Mike, wants to hang out at the mall. What do you do?!
  2. You have a big test tommorow. You...
  3. You are about to board a plane going to France when you realize you left your cellphone. You?
  4. Is this like you? I would rather play then work.
  5. The teacher hands back the tests you took last week- there is a...
  6. What is typically on your iPod?
  7. Gary offers you $10 to sing "Gary Indiana" with him in the school play. You hate to sing so you...
  8. Sarah and Cindy are best friends and it's rumored that every thing they do with someone else they ignore that other person. Cindy has three tickets to a concert and offers to take you, you reply...
  9. Charles is a kid at heart but he has no real friends, when he says hi to you, you...
  10. Where is your dream destination?

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Quiz topic: What Type of Bubble am I?