Which Bubble Guppy are you like?

Have you watched, seen, or heard about the Bubble Guppies, huh? Well each Guppy has an uniquely sleek personality. From smiley and outgoing to quiet, you can find out who you're like!

Who are YOU like? Are you the natural born leader Molly, or maybe the the goofy, friendly klutz Gil! Take this quiz to find out which Guppy you're the most relatable to!

Created by: disneyfan056
  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. Do you wear glasses?
  3. Favorite Hair?
  4. What are some prominent character traits??
  5. If you could have a pet, it would be....
  6. Favorite bird??
  7. Your A.N.T is...
  8. Do you smile a lot?
  9. Do you have a pet?
  10. Fave bug??
  11. Negative trait?
  12. Do loud sounds bother you?
  13. What rubs you the wrong way?
  14. What accessory do you like?
  15. Do you often eat lunch?
  16. Hobbies?
  17. How mature are you?
  18. Performing Skills?
  19. Are you often chased by random things
  20. When you are startled, you...

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Quiz topic: Which Bubble Guppy am I like?